7 Thoughts on “Art: Books

  1. Bibliotechnophilia.

  2. Well, we already know the guy’s into necrophilia.

  3. One is what one is.

  4. Does this shed light on literacy?

  5. I like the books made into bookshelves. Especially the ones with ironic titles. I may steal that idea.

  6. Just for the record, I want all to know that more than ten years ago I sketched out a scenario for two of Newnan’s reigning, board-trodding divas of the moment in which an anecdote is related about an artist who puts a career’s worth of canvases into piles and cuts down through with a chain-saw, creating a series of cross-sectional slices which he offers as his new direction. So where’s my NEA grant? Ho-hum.

    In case JB doesn’t point it out, I’ll mention that the above is me licking what’s called a “Narcissistic wound.”

  7. I’m just impressed you can lick yourself. I can’t do that anymore.

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