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  1. My reading vocabulary was too poor to get the info I wanted about Silvester’s photos. If the indigenous folk did the painting and adornment and Silvester just documented, it’s truly amazing. Otherwise, it’s pretty but loses something for me.

  2. I had the same thought about the Omo photos, that they were just too “fashionista” to be aboriginal. But damn that white patriarchal mindset, apparently it’s for real, although I still would like to see third-party verification.

  3. Apparently when U.S. movies were released in Poland, they redesigned the posters.

  4. AAHUUNUHOA! (What my “Wow!” sounds like when my jaw has dropped open and no longer submits to my control.)

  5. Those posters are amazing. I think I need to find an outlet for them and start replacing the ones in my basement.

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