Assignment 2010.n+1 – Soup to nuts

Jeff called me earlier tonight to share an inspiration he had while listening to NPR.  I’m certain I will mangle some portion (or perhaps all) of what we discussed, but I will make an effort to recount it with you just the same.

He heard a story of a group of folks that would get together and support projects by combining small donations.  This reminded him of a group he used to be a part of that would gather periodically, each bringing their own soup with them as a meal.  These concepts, along with a dash of Lichtenbergianism, inspired the idea I will now share.

What IF:

We met, as a group, at a regularly scheduled interval (say, once a month).  The location of this meeting would rotate amongst the ash-bound (as available anyway) to host.  Each attendee would bring 3 things: soup (or some form of self-nourishment), $10, and their attentiveness.  The latter would be used to consider the presentations of various artists with projects in mind that a small donation would help make possible.  At the end of the evening, those donating would place in a hat the name of the project they would like to support.  The top vote getter would receive the collected funds with the understanding that they would come to later meetings to share their progress.  In this way, we have an excuse to meet and a consistent way to act as microfinanciers of local artists.

Jeff, please correct any mistakes when you escape the technology void that is Mississippi.

What do y’all think?

4 Thoughts on “Assignment 2010.n+1 – Soup to nuts

  1. Oh, come on. No comments? The regular “Soup Night” we had in Rome was a lot of fun. It would be great to try and replicate it here. Besides, I’ve got to have some more of Dale’s chicken whatever whatever (lime something something?). And what a good way to empower and inspire art/artists, right? Even on a small scale. If we get 20 folks together, that’s $200. Maybe Marc wants new music software to do some kind of composition. There — paid for. Or maybe we need some set dressing for Lear. Paid for. But more than anything it’s another excuse to hang out and get bombed, right? And, errrr, do art and stuff.

  2. I am on board for this assuming remote access is available.

  3. turff on April 22, 2010 at 8:06 am said:

    Remote access is assured.

  4. Of course I’m up for it. Especially if we can con people into working on Lear. Scathingly brilliant, my idea is, I’m telling you.

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