8 Thoughts on “Assignment L.10.4

  1. Eli and I and our wives do this about every six weeks. Movie night with themed drinks. Let’s do this. Let me think on some of the better ones.

  2. Okay, no one else is playing these are the ones I immediately think of:

    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Gin and Tonics (obviously)

    ET – Peter Coyote’s Crotch (basically a margarita – the idea was to make it taste like sweaty balls)

    Jaws – Bad Hat Harry (similar to a Hurricane…something beachy and bloody)

    Jurassic Park – Dilophosaur Spit (Sort of like a mudslide)

    Indiana Jones – No Time For Love, Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper and Bourbon)

    Harry Potter Movies – Spiked Pumpkin Juice and Butter Beers (I do not know the recipes for these)

  3. First of all, there really is a drink called Peter Coyote’s Crotch? Secondly, someone strove to make a drink taste like sweaty balls? How’d that work, do you think? And can I get in on the next formulation?

  4. For some reason, I’m thinking that if I’m watching “Willie Wonka,” I want to have a cosmopolitan in my hand. Not one of those you get at bars, but one of mine: rich, sweet, candy-colored.

  5. I thought the article included Casablanca and the champagne cocktail, but upon rereading I see that it doesn’t. So I claim that one.

    Actually, Jobie and I were at one time going to do a co-blog project with the script of Casablanca and all the drinks that are ordered in it. But… CME.

  6. Jeff on May 30, 2010 at 11:49 am said:

    I’m alcohol-illiterate, so I can’t play.

  7. Bourbon and branch water for Dr. Strangelove, if we’re being literal.

    Bourbon would also go well with Big Fish, if we’re matching style.

  8. Ice-cold vodka for Dr. Zhivago.

    Something with violet liqueur for Adaptation

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