Assignment L.12.2: The buttocks thing

All right, with less than a week to go before our Annual Meeting, here’s an assignment:

Jeff Bishop’s “buttocks thing.” It’s time.  The assignment is simple: gather material à la Lacuna-style.  Dump it here in comments.  Perhaps it will be our Agenda on Friday night.

Here’s what inspired me:

6 Thoughts on “Assignment L.12.2: The buttocks thing

  1. I think it’s statistically significant how many times I’ve gone to a link posted on this site and left feeling rather queasy.

  2. Was going to post something a bit more austere on themes inspired by a found object. This prods me to get on with it and do so. Feel free to submit it as my “assignment.”

  3. Fuckety fuck fuck
    This may have something to do with the library problems we seem to be having on this site. I tried to import an image into a new post. “Parent directory” problems. Tried importing other images. Same thing. “Help” told me to try “settings” for “media.” I do not have a “settings” tab on my admin page. Supposed to be right there under “tools.” So I can’t investigate content storage issues any further.

  4. /Users/fourhoneas/Desktop/2012-12-03 09.18.36.jpg

  5. Something like the above is what you may get if you try to submit an image as a comment for the “assignment.” I’ve looked back, and all images I have submitted previously to posts are gone.

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