I have yet to achieve my goal of some years ago of writing non-stop for a 24 hour period.  In the last three weeks, however, I have managed to write for five hours.  (Not five together, but five separate hours on five separate days, but for those five hours, the keys didn’t stop once.  No stopping to think; just a response to stimulus with infinite digressions allowed- but no distractions.)  This yielded 35 pages & over 22,000 words.  This was the result (which you can click to embiggen):

These were the top 50 words that showed up in the mess of 22,000.  Process, implications, and thoughts after the jump:

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Diversity in Art

I hope it’s okay to post without it being an assignment.

And I further hope that it’s okay to plug my old roommates blog, although that’s not the reason for posting this.

He has a recent entry that has simply fascinated me; I don’t know why.  I sort of ranted off in a long comment.  I thought both his entry & my comment  might lead to an interesting discussion over here- especially given the (relative) homogeneity of our group.  

And, yes, apparently, homogeneity is pretty much my word of the week.


L.09.5 Jobie’s Five Rules

1. Understand that  creation is just re-organization, and vice-versa.

2.  Understand that in order for something to be creative and unique, it only has to be creative & unique to the creator; any reaction besides the creator’s is relative.

3.  Understand that the raw is more honest than the refined.

4.  Understand that every piece you produce- no matter how varied in structure, media, content, or form- reflects the same idea; many aspects of the same idea, but it is the same idea.

5.  Simply, daydream.  And not just the good stuff.