Cras Melior Est?

Do we Lichtenbergians wish to help with this? No pressure — just asking. If we decide to do it, we should prepare special Lichtenbergian Society baskets. Whatever that means. Eggs with aphorisms? What would be appropriate? Whatever we do, if we do anything, let’s make sure people know who it’s from. Because that’s how we roll.

ACE needs 88 Easter dinners for local terminally ill children

Published 3/15/08 in The Times-Herald


It doesn’t look like the Easter Bunny will be coming to some homes in Coweta this year.

The Newnan-based Alliance for Children’s Enrichment needs 200 Easter baskets and 88 Easter dinners by Tuesday. But, as of Thursday, ACE had only 16 baskets and no dinners whatsoever. The baskets will be given to children ages 2 to 10 who are terminally ill, and the dinners will be given to low-income families, especially those with members facing the end of life.

Easter baskets can be store-bought or handmade. Suggested items for baskets include: individually wrapped candy, gum, fruit and nuts; small toys such as jacks, pickup sticks, small stuffed animals, small metal cars, marbles and bubbles; toothbrushes and toothpaste; hair bands or barrettes; small bottles of shampoo; conditioner; lotion; and packs of underwear or socks. ACE recommends smaller amounts of candy than are usually found in Easter baskets.

Easter dinners may be uncooked or precooked. Gift cards ranging from $25 to $50 are also acceptable.

If purchasing food, ACE recommends the following grocery list: ham, chicken or turkey; a 10-pound bag of potatoes; four cans of green beans, peas or other vegetables; 5-pound bag of self-rising flour; 5-pound bag of sugar; box of tea bags; roll of aluminum foil; one gallon of regular milk; one quart of buttermilk; one container of solid vegetable shortening; 1-pound butter; one container of whipped cream; one or two bags of frozen strawberries; one box of angel food cake mix; two dozen eggs; one container of mayonnaise; one container of mustard; bag of onions or bunch of green onions; one jar of sweet pickles chips; a head of lettuce; and a loaf of sandwich bread. This will provide the family with Easter dinner, ingredients for other meals, and ingredients for sandwiches from any leftovers.

Baskets can be dropped off at the ACE office, 8 Carmichael St., Newnan. Those wishing to sponsor a family may call the ACE office at 770-254-3339. ACE will be closed for Good Friday on March 21 and would like to have all donations in by March 18.

15 Thoughts on “Cras Melior Est?

  1. The prospect of actually filling baskets doesn’t thrill me; I am wretched. But I’m ready to write a check. As to issue of advertising, my personal adaptation of the Lichtenbergian ethos involves making our mission fall in line with assorted versions of the Rosicrucian Manifesto. Healing arts are practiced in secret. That’s just me rolling, mind you. I bow to the majority.

  2. That’s certainly how I do things on a personal basis. But I thought it might be fun to get the name out there. Whatever everyone else wants is fine by me. I was just tossing this out there.

  3. I’ll write a check.

  4. Terry on March 17, 2008 at 4:27 pm said:

    I will contribute if there is still time.

  5. OK, I’m going to do this, then, in the name of the Lichtenbergian Society.

  6. In other news, Matthew has had a sex change operation. He’s claiming it was for bilateral laryngoceles and for a benign mass in his stomach, but I think we can all read between the lines. The disturbing part of this is that he did this last week without telling any of us.

  7. How long before one of us can ask him out on a date?

  8. He said he’d be back in the swing of things (har!) on Monday—hence his absence this Friday—but I would think the timing of your dalliance would largely be up to your wife, would it not?

  9. When it comes to Matthew Bailey, all is forgiven.

  10. Just created an obsessive vacuum and fell into it for an hour or so, re-reading some of our comment trails from days gone by. I must say there’s something to the idea of expatriots and exiles being more capable of vital creative engagement than their settled, fat domestic colleagues. Not talking about our recent imposter project, mind you. But in general I’d say our comment streams were more baroque and full of fun and fumes when we were setting up camp in the lacunagroup hinterlands. Now that we have a home, a place to call our own…

  11. Give it time.

  12. Actually, the reason I have been participating less often, and with less vigor, is quite simple. We’re closing on our house soon, AND the Trail of Tears Association has TOTALLY CONSUMED every moment of my “free time.” We just had a research database go live, plus we’re right in the thick of several big projects. Less time for Lichtenbergian stuff. Something had to give. Not to mention my recent sexual reassignment surgery. I couldn’t let Matthew grab all the glory. (grab … what, exactly?)

  13. I for one have simply been slothful. Sue me.

  14. I don’t know if you know this, but I was only recently discovered to be a 111-year old, assumed dead, possibly lesbian, aviator. It’s been a rough couple of weeks.

  15. Just flexing my Lichtenbergian super-ego. We always have to answer to the Other’s observation that our productivity is not what it should be. And a perfect Lichtenbergian response conjures up the idea that more vital pots are needing to be watched on more intense fires ELSEWHERE. I, for one, find that my obligations on various Boards has taken up most of my time–feeding children, housing the homeless, you know.

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