Final Arrangements

Sounds grim when I put it that way, eh? I’ve sent an email out to the folks that indicated they were going to participate in the First Annual Lichtenbergian Retreat. If you plan on going and didn’t get the email, either comment here or sent me a note post-haste. If you got the email, please respond (in poor Lichtenbergian form) immediately. I need your feedback to close this loop.

6 Thoughts on “Final Arrangements

  1. “feedback” “loop”

    I see what you did there.

  2. My memories of Elizabeth’s ridge constituted my positive response. And we plan on the Equinox, yes?

  3. Equinox yes.

  4. I’m pretty sure the cabin people would object to most anything I saw in the Burning Man video. Ok, maybe not the moving cupcakes. Or the monkey swing. But probably the rest of it.

  5. Which is why we have to plan ahead for Black Rock. Sometime. Eventually.

  6. You mean like 2011, right?

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