6 Thoughts on “Lichtenbergianism InAction: How Procrastination Invented the Internet

  1. I actually laugh aloud when that little “QuickPress” logo comes up. I’m being honest when I say I would visit and contribute to this site a hell of a lot more often if it weren’t so dang slow. Same goes for Dale’s blog.

  2. I think “QuickPress” is what might be called “Apple friendly.” True, Dale?

  3. It’s something with the server, I think, or perhaps the database itself. I’ve asked Noah to look into it a couple of times, but he’s not gotten to the bottom of it yet. It’s not as if I’m paying him big bucks to host any of this.

    Yes, it’s a problem. I have gotten to where I dread having to edit or add anything because it takes a full minute for anything to come up.

  4. Well, yes, there’s THAT…

  5. It kind of reminds me of the glory days of AOL, back in the late 90s, when I would spend an hour downloading a low-res picture. I’d have a book ready, go off to the bathroom and pluck out a few nose hairs, go make myself a drink, come back and check on the status of the download, etc.

  6. Jeff liked Anita more when she made him wait.

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