7 Thoughts on “Lichtenbergianesque Quote

  1. For real. I thought others would surely have come up with something for Burning Man by now.

  2. In case you do not understand: THE SITE TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD!!!! It is very dispiriting and discourages use and enjoyment. Sorry.

  3. marc, (acknowledging that you may never see this) do what others do: sponge off your neighbor’s wireless and hope he/she doesn’t have NuLink.

  4. I do understand. I have asked NuLink twice now to look into it. But in the meantime I persevere.

  5. Ha! I’m in Guntersville, AL, which has shitty Internet service, but this site works PERFECTLY! Almost makes me not want to go home! brwahahaha!!!!

  6. Hey, wait. I’m a journalist. Just what are you trying to say, dude?

  7. Every man is a journalist (though of varying skill and education).

    – Kevin McInturff

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