L.09.6: The Lichtenbergian Vortex: 10,000 VISIONs


The main structure is a shallow wooden bowl, 15-20’ across, with a spiral groove cut into it.

At the bottom of the bowl is a 1’ hole.

Beneath the hole is a flame pit.

Participants will encounter members of the Society, dressed—how?—who will explain the purpose of the Vortex and offer each participant a small wooden ball.

We will have 10,000 wooden balls, 2” diameter: cedar, oak, cypress, etc.

Each participant will write on the ball his most cherished but unrealized creative goal, then release it into the Vortex.

The slope of the Vortex will be such that a ball’s progress is slow but inexorable.  (I am ignoring for the moment the practical consideration of the grit and dust from the Playa.)

When a ball reaches the center of the Vortex, it falls into the abyss and is consumed by flame.  Indeed, the flame pit is close enough to the bowl that the Vortex itself will be consumed by a slow burn during the course of the Festival.

8 Thoughts on “L.09.6: The Lichtenbergian Vortex: 10,000 VISIONs

  1. Yes, I’m fine. Stuck creatively, but I’m fine. The Vortex is just a physical representation of the way our ideas and goals slip away from us through time and space.

    Sorry to alarm you. 🙂

  2. Does this mean that the Vortex is at least moderately interesting/scary/intriguing as a piece of interactive art?

  3. I love (and identify with) the idea. I think many folks would. The maintenance issues if keeping it working in the sandy environment could easily be worked into the “interactive performance art”.

  4. It IS intriguing to say the least.

  5. We may have to either a: consider fundraising approaches or b: consider smaller balls.

    This is why.

  6. If I wanted to consider smaller balls…

    …no, sorry, I got nothing.

  7. Dale/marc: I can put ’em on the tee, but I can’t hit ’em for you.

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