In accordance with Article 1, Section 4, of the Charter, I have taken on a project for the Society.

I think probably most of you are familiar with CORRAL, the local rehabilative riding organization for special needs children.  You may also be aware that Brown and Marie Powell run CORRAL basically on their own, and further give back to the community even more with their annual Christmas pageant.

I’ve attended for two years now, and one cannot help but notice that the sound quality of the recording they use for the pageant is substandard.  Marc and I thought last year that it would be an easy project for us to take on, and today I volunteered my services to rebuild their narration and music so that it sounds professional.

It may be a one-person job, but if I need help, who would like to assist?

We also need to find them some better speakers, but we can do that next.

2 Thoughts on “Project

  1. So. Very. In.

  2. I just got the CD of the thing. More later.

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