No words

In Cherokee, there are no words for:







There is also no word for “megabyte.” Go figure.
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7 Thoughts on “No words

  1. Sheesh, even Latin has a word for megabyte. And I know it has one for all those other words.

  2. Does Cherokee have words for:

    • honor
    • offense against honor
    • retribution for offense against honor
    • expiation for offense against honor

    Just a little anti-Rousseau-ean check.

  3. Is there a word for “No thanks, we’d rather stay here?” Seems like that would have come in handy.

  4. from the Quote Rotator:

    They sneezed, wheezed, coughed and made two other kinds of sound for which we have no words in German.–GCL, F.14

  5. ἁμαρτία (hamartia) is the Greek word translated in the NT as “sin.” Means “to miss the mark,” comes from archery lexicon. I know it’s stereotyping to talk about bows and arrows, but…

  6. Or (kiddies cover your ears) isn’t there a Cherokee equivalent of “Dude, you fucked up.”

  7. a-s-ga-ni

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