I was looking back through my blog, all the way back to these posts:

Reread them. You may find them interesting in preparation for our second 70-453 Annual Meeting.

Also, the usual dicta apply: I will have absinthe and Laphroaig scotch for general toasting purposes, and some snacks (including nacho cheese and chips).  Bring anything else you’d like to consume.

Also also, I think it should be part of our ritual/agenda 70-462 to burn the coals from last year’s fire and replace them with new ones.  So bring your chalice and coal.

Anything else?

11 Thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Don’t forget to bring your loin cloths. It will improve the flow of conversation.

  2. For those who are easily distracted, absolutely.

  3. What can I say? I’ve known for a long time that the littlest thing can be a distraction.

  4. Touché.

    On another note, Jeff, remember to bring the Journal for the Engrossments of our Efforts.

  5. What night is this again? I’m hoping I’ll be 2 for 2 with getting to leave a another Gathering early. I have a relation who actually expressed concern last year to MF that I had become involved in the Occult since I was leaving to go to a solstice event.

  6. Just checked. Dec. 20! Yes! I will sport a sprig of Hawthorne in my buttonhole.

  7. Ow! Ow!

    Oh… buttONhole. My mistake.

  8. Marc, it would probably help bolster your occult creds if the Family knew there is a Labyrinth involved.

  9. I don’t recall Dale writing “your ass is mine” anywhere in the charter. Do we really just have to bend over and take it?

  10. Implied powers, baby, implied powers.

  11. I just realized that Dale responded, “Touch” to my earlier comment.

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