Spam koans

Just so our spam topics don’t get lost in the shuffle, I’m starting this post.  Just put your oracular spam topics in the comments.

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  • 25 Thoughts on “Spam koans

    1. And to get us started:

      Wear what you like anytime

      in the message: I put mine side by side with my boss’s.

      I think they were trying to sell faux-Rolexes.

    2. jeff on April 4, 2008 at 5:32 pm said:

      Ni hao,

      Real men! Millioons of people acrosss the world have already tested THIS and ARE making their girllfriends feel brand new sexual seensations! YOU are the best in bed, aren’t you ?
      Girls! Devellop your sexual relationnship and get even MORE pleasuure! Make your boyfrriend a gift!

    3. you can smell love for everyone

    4. Francesca has her eye on you, Fabio is looking your way.

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    6. A cock to remember.

      Heh. Indeed.

    7. Great popping cleavage.

    8. Gun her good gun her well

      Rectify your lack of manhood

      Be well-hung like a camel

    9. Change your small trout into a great white shark


      from me, puma’s grace, which I thought was interesting in a koan kind of way.

    10. Exchange your six life

    11. marc on July 1, 2008 at 10:18 am said:

      Make your woman happy. battle gripes.

    12. Close Encounters of the Nude Kind

    13. Take the blue pill and she’ll show you how far down the rabbit hole goes

    14. “Be more sexy Have bigger subject”

      I leave it to Marc to expound on the subject/object dichotomy.

    15. Bijgevoegde mail is beoordeeld als spam.

    16. video without cowards Stunning for dale

    17. I have a new one:

      “New rules for 6 figure incomes”

      These people are NOT reaching their target demographic.

    18. FW: Is your skills about to expired?

    19. from spam at school, which almost never gets through, so this has an extra I-Ching-iness to it:

      my lips secret things as my heart,it still slides right on.

    20. from our own site’s spamfilter:

      In terms of bonalnoy erudition – grammotno done!

      Yo, Aphorist, let’s put this on our Aphorisms page.

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    22. Beautiful. Which gives me an idea. What if we generated text like this for performance? We could compose a scene in English with it’s own verbal playfulness and questionable subject matter (plot), then run it through a translator (we would have to explore which languages work lead to the most interesting transformations) and then run that through a translator into English. Clearly we would fiddle with the transforms until it approached the sublime effect we seek. Then play it.

    23. I was completely charmed by this one:

      Tired of your little friend staring at the floor?

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