What is art?

All I could think of when watching this–and I felt like Terence Stamp’s character in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert during the ping pong ball scene–was how grateful I was not to be undergoing entheogenesis at the time.

Discuss. (The name of the song is “Solid Potato Salad.”)

8 Thoughts on “What is art?

  1. I am speechless.

  2. Have you checked out Marc’s offering on YouTube? I’m an amateur.

  3. One but wonders if, had I known about it in middle school, I would have watched this instead of perusing the underwear section of the JCPenney’s catalog. I’m not sure. Not entirely.

  4. Usually, sexual confusion is not a cause for the raising of the eyebrows and the pursing of the lips, but in this case, Kevin… I mean… wow.

  5. Is it really so shocking that, in my past, I looked at the Penney’s catalog? I mean, it’s no Victoria Secret, but back in the day, Vicky’s Secret wasn’t in our mailbox (at least as far as I knew).

  6. No, no, JC Penney I get. But these chicks?? That’s what concerns me.

  7. The contortionist skill set opens up a world of interesting possibilities. It shocks me that the potential never occurred to you… Is this password protected?

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