5 Thoughts on “Beetlejuice Redux

  1. Where do you find this crap? Anything that bad was done on purpose. Can their be an artistry to the creation of well-crafted excrement? FTR, I read halfway and had to quit. My brain was bleeding out of my ears.

  2. I finally read all of it. The ending is worth it. Go read the ending.

  3. I may need a day or two to recover first.

  4. I may be dense, but I read the ending again. In fact I read the whole thing again. This is “corroborative evidence” of what?

  5. Terry, remember at the Annual Meeting, part of the ritual is to consign to the flames some piece of Evidence that Corroborates our Thesis, to wit, the world would be better if some creative efforts had been indefinitely postponed. For the past two years it’s been a local novelist. We may have an outsider this year.

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