Towards an aesthetic

What with my reading of Opening to Inner Light and other tasty books, I know we’re heading towards a fireside discussion more meaty than we’ve had in a while, but I think this bit may not be able to wait.C4090-456

Yesterday, as I mindlessly surfed the intertubes, I came across this site:  It is OMG•NSFW, so I’ll provide a couple of samples here and links to particularly egregious examples. [NSFW!!!]

Those should suffice.  The entire website is jawdroppingly, gobsmackingly, entirely like these samples.  Only much, much worse.  Much, much, much worse.

I like tattoos.  I have a couple myself and wouldn’t mind one more, if I were allowed.  And I find them to be fascinating body modifications on others in most circumstances.  But honest to God, I came across very few tattoos on this site that I was able think, “Wow, that’s cool/beautiful/transgressive/sexy.”  They were all grotesque.  (I did like this one. [SFW, if weird])

So in our neverending discussion of “What is art?”, I’d like to ask in the immortal acronym embodied above, “WTF?”  How are we to fit these manifestations of our creative imperative into the schema of that imperative?  (I’ve tagged this with the Corroborative Evidence category; is that where we are with this?)C4090-455