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  1. This is a familiar kind of thing for us newspaper types. In the ad department, they used to keep this massive set of huge, metal drawers called “The Clip File.” In it were just oodles of clip art, images of all types to use for advertisements. I used to love rummaging through it, because it contained images from decade after decade. Now everything is computerized. So far as I can tell, there no longer is a “clip file.”

  2. When I took art lessons from Ginger Fulton she used to also urge us to keep a visual reference file. We’d clip interesting images from magazines and newspapers and draw inspiration from them.

  3. I should have known better. Dale’s warning not to go to the website acted as s Siren’s call to me and I got lost there for…well I am not sure how long.

    I am still assimulating, and trying to resist the urge to return to the website.

  4. And really, really, really don’t go to this site.

  5. I wouldn’t go here either.

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