L.08.9: still more materials

I was in an antiques/junk place this weekend and fetched 70-446these home:

If you would like to use them, let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll consume them in the year to come.

I also found seven little glasses that if one did not know better one might 70-447 think were modern absinthe glasses.  They will certainly serve.

8 Thoughts on “L.08.9: still more materials

  1. I was just ruminating over using shiny reflective surfaces. What a coinkidink.

    In honor of Unrecognized Allusions, I want to create a reflective Infinity with a flame in the middle. A Bad Infinity, I guess.

  2. If you want them, just come on by the back yard any time. They’re on the table by the back door, on the antique Pet Milk box. (The hurricane lamps are inside the box.)

  3. Speaking of materials, this artist just came to my notice.

    Make sure you look at all 58 images. Take the time.

  4. I am unfamiliar with a “Bad Infinity”, but I do think a “reflective Infinity” could be fairly categorized as aleph-null, as one could count the images on one side/mirror and then the other in alternating fashion.

  5. I cleaned up two wire thingies today, left over from Obama/Camp campaign signs: a U-shape, to be stuck in the ground. Use at will.

  6. Interestingly, one might indeed equate the definition marc linked to over at dale’s blog of “bad infinity” as being equivalent to aleph-null, at least in most (irony intended) of the cases. In the sense that the act of repeating the finite must be deliberately done, it is indeed a “countable” infinity, and therefore, aleph-null.

  7. I apologize for the dislocation of my infinity comment. I was RSS Feed hopping at the time and lost my way:


    Other examples of “bad infinity?”

    “After that it’s elephants all the way down”

    “All this buttoning and unbuttoning.”

    “It’s just one thing after another.”

    “And then I woke up.”

    “Next year, in Jerusalem.”

    “Next Spring, Moscow.”

    “The expense of spirit in a waste of shame is Lust in Action.”

    “I feel so serene; I can start writing.”

  8. “All this buttoning and unbuttoning” was in my folder of texts for the Frog Song cycle. Perhaps I should take another look at it.

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