The call to the annual meeting

As Chair of the Lichtenbergian Society, I hereby enjoin our membership to attend the Annual Meeting, set according to the Charter for December 20, being on or before the Hibernal Solstice, to begin at or around 7:00 p.m. 1Z0-403 exams

Herewith is the Order of Business:

  1. Roll Call, including confirmation of new members
  2. Toast to GCL
  3. Acclamation of the Officers
  4. Corroboration of the Validity of our Claims
  5. Consignment of the Corroborative Evidence to the Flames
  6. 1Z0-403 exams

  7. Engrossment of the Year’s Efforts
  8. Meditation on the Year’s Efforts, followed by a Silent Toast
  9. Engrossment of the Proposed Efforts for the Next Year
  10. Toast to the Proposed Efforts
  11. Agenda: “God and Man?”

The floor is now open for discussion of the Order of Business.

12 Thoughts on “The call to the annual meeting

  1. I have the Corroborative Evidence all ready to be consigned. You may wish to bring your own, but we have a sacrifice.

  2. I have a Christmas thingy at my aunt’s at 6, but it’s in Newnan so I’ll just go to her thing a little early and I’ll probably be just a half-hour late or so to the Lichtenbergian meeting.

  3. I propose again being there via video conference. I believe this will be easier than we think.

  4. Of course it can. When do you want to test it? dalelyles is my AIM chat name.

  5. I have attracted wifely wrath for choosing this over a xmas party invitation we have ignored yearly, so of course I will bring my unique perspective. Wow. Unique perspective. Can’t believe I just typed that. The visuals…won’t…stop…

  6. Trerry on December 2, 2008 at 5:27 am said:

    Can I join in on the video conference?

  7. Trerry is a alter ego of Terry who has emerged recently and would like to be involved.

  8. I ould like to try the video conferencing, but in my comment I spelled my name wrong, thus the above comment.

  9. I’m pretty sure we can do this. My iChat is supposed to be able to put multiple video chats on the screen, and we’ll just run the laptop to the bigscreen TV, which we’ll move from the basement to the backyard, weather permitting.

  10. It occurs to me, Jeff, that we cannot begin the ceremonies without you there: you are the Recording Secretary.

  11. I can test any evening next week.

  12. It’s sort of scary, but there are other Lichtenbergians out there.

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